DDDA report

“Published” this afternoon, but still not up on the Department of Environment website. It doesn’t look much different to the leaked version of the report we published back in March.

I asked the Department to email me a copy. 13 attachments, some in Word format, some in PDF. So I stuck them altogether into one PDF, for your convenience:

One thought on “DDDA report”

  1. The story apparently is lost in the reports, as the foremost enquiry should be into how the Irish state ended up buying back its own property,”the Irish Glass Bottle Factory” and particularly how the lease was obtained?, what agreement was reached with the lease holder in private, who signed the deal who promoted the purchase and who benefitted from this contract.
    To save another debacle recently in the Dail committee as reported on rte, they stated that the government had no money for infrastructure projects, but there was light at the end of the tunnel, as private companies had shown an interest in taking on such projects such as schools and roads, and the was agreements with the banks to finance these projects. Is this suggesting that the banks can show that they are lending again, and that the government is guaranteeing the banks to lend to companies to engage in capital projects? Notably it was stated that these projects were ready to be signed off on. What logic is in this enterprise? Is the tax payer not going to be paying twice for the same projects? are the projects going to be capital infrastructure or private? If ppp system is to be used is this not a conflict of interest?

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