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WSJ on Ireland

From yesterday, via Ronan Lyons in the comments… I wasn’t aware of it simply because the Wall Street Journal has a paywall so I rarely visit. The Emerald Isle has high unemployment and one of Europe’s deepest budget deficits, and is taking some of Europe’s harshest austerity medicine. Economists, however, are starting to feel less… Read More »

NAMA status

Earlier this year I appealed to the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information, arguing that the National Asset Management Agency was a public authority for the purposes of the European Environmental Information Regulations. The OCEI has sent me their preliminary view, were they agree with NAMA, that it is not a “public authority”. Here… Read More »

NYT on Ireland's austerity

New York Times feature on the Irish economy and the impact of our economic policies… Nearly two years ago, an economic collapse forced Ireland to cut public spending and raise taxes, the type of austerity measures that financial markets are now pressing on most advanced industrial nations… […] Rather than being rewarded for its actions, though,… Read More »

Digest – June 27 2010

Not much home stuff this week… entering silly-season early it seems. Or I missed something. HOME Sara Burke on the missing millions the HSE are pinning on Siptu. Blog of Dominican Nuns in Ireland that I didn’t know existed. Important ‘first’ pointed out by the Tombuktu on the CLR. Karl Whelan, banking guarantee may have costly… Read More »

Circumlimina; 'Labouring the point?'

Good post over on relatviely new – to me at least – lefty blog, Circumlimina, about Ruairi Quinn’s conflicts? declaration… of interests. The most striking entry belonged to Ruairi Quinn, and is notably absent from the profile on his website. In the Dáil register, we find the following:… Go have a goo to get the… Read More »

Anglo emails

I received a bunch of emails today from the Department of Finance in relation to communications with Anglo Irish Bank between September 2008 and February 2009. I will scan them all shortly and upload. One in particular though caught my eye. It’s an email exchange between Marie Mulvihill at the DoF and John Paul Coleman… Read More »

Some sellers don't want to sell

Intriguing little piece on the property pages of The Irish Times today via a report by magazine Property Week… [The magazine’s analyst/journalist said] some of the properties owned by property investors were advertised to give the impression to their bankers that they were “trying to get their finances in order”. These investments were priced up… Read More »

Oireachtas Bills 1997 – 2010

We frequently hear talk of how much (or how little) legislation is passed by the Oireachtas. We also hear about Bills languishing at Committee Stage for years. Unfortunately the Oireachtas website isn’t very useful for discerning any patterns or where Bills are, or when exactly they were introduced. In an attempt to make this much… Read More »