Deaths in Garda custody

Another person died in Garda custody yesterday. These stories are consistently let slide.

Below is a list of known deaths in custody since 1997 compiled over a few hours. I don’t think it to be absolute, though I cannot find reports of others after quite some time searching. Most have source links though some were found using Lexis Nexis. I found reports about 36 deaths. There has been two or three deaths each year on average, yet already this year four people have died in the care of the Gardai.

Notably all those who died were males. A disproportionate number seem to have died in one of three Dublin stations, Kilmainham, Tallaght or Store Street. This perhaps could be attributed to the size of these districts.

List below the fold. Split per year.

Deaths in Garda custory – 1997 / 2010

Derek Lehane – January 1997. Midleton Garda station, Cork.

Norman McGrath – December 1997. Ballyfermot, Dublin.


David O’Connor – January 1998. Wexford Garda Station.

Peter Williams – 7 September 1998. Kilmainham Garda Station, Dublin.

Francis Brooks – September 18 1998. Tallaght, Dublin.


Martin Hickey – 26 May 1999. Trim, Meath.

Unnamed male – 22 August 1999. Rathmines Garda Station, Dublin.


Derek Cooper – May 10 2000. Roxboro, Limerick. Found hanging in cell.

Walter Kells – October 2000. Drogheda, Louth.


Unnamed male – June 4 2001. Store Street, Dublin.

Patrick Hayes – May 3 2001. Found hanging in a cell in Dungarvan Garda Station, Waterford.

Thomas Mongan – September 30 2001. Galway.


Brain Rossiter – September 12 2002. Found collapsed in Clonmel Garda Station, Tipperary, died later in hospital.

Paul Magee – December 2002. Died in Kilmainham Garda Station, Dublin, after a collapse caused by cocaine.


Johner Moloney – May 4 2003. Rathfarnham Station, Dublin. Died after being found with brain injuries following arrest. A Bebo page run by family and friends continues to get updates to this day.

Unnamed male – June 17 2003. Tallaght, Dublin.

John Delaney – September 21 2003. Kilkenny Garda Station.


William Haugh – January 3 2004. Clontarf, Dublin.

Peter Skelly – January 13 2004. Youghal, Cork.

Thomas Campion – January 2004. Store Street, Dublin.


Terence Wheelock – June 2 2005. Store Street, Dublin. This case has been covered in depth on this website.

Unnamed – December 17 2005. Monaghan.


Dwayne Foster – March 7 2006. Coolock, Dublin.

Unnamed – November 26 2006. Waterford.

Unknown – Unknown. Togher Garda Station.

Unknown – Unknown. Naas Garda Station.

Unknown – Unknown. Store Street, Dublin.


Derek O’Toole – March 4 2007. Lucan. Off-duty gardaí, unusual circumstances, see link.

Dariusz Dobron – June 17 2007. Tralee, Kerry.

Mark Anthony Reidy – December 30 2007. Terenure Garda Station, Dublin.


Unnamed male – March 12 2009. Navan.

Unnamed male – June 4 2009. Sutton, Dublin.


Antonio Nunes – April 21 2010. Tallaght, Dublin.

Unnamed male – May 21 2010. Tallaght, Dublin.

Johnny Nevin – April 25 2010. Templemore, Tipperary.

Unnamed male – Monday June 7 2010. Dundalk, Louth.

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  1. why does no one comment on this ,come on lets start, its what free speach and democracy is all about, these people matter ,these people matter .hear me these people MATTER

  2. whatever about the rest….eh frances get your head examined, dwayne foster shot dead an innocent woman at a party cocked off his face. he died in garda custody due to the amount of drugs in his system. Do you think he cared about donna cleary? you’re an idiot

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