Banking reports "published"…

The banking reports are out. Well, they’re out if you’re a journalist in the Leinster House lobby or member of a Government party who’s prepared to read them without removing them from the House before 415pm. Oh and don’t report on them until then either, they’re embargoed.

These public documents – written and researched at the cost of the taxpayer – will not be available to the Opposition or to the… errr… public… until they’re published online at 415 or so.

Great start to a process of openness and transparency. Give them to the political hacks but not the parliament and only let the hacks read them under the supervision of Government. Superb. Are you happy with this situation Mr Gormley?

Once they’re published online we’ll highlight interesting paragraphs in a following post.

Preliminary Report Into Ireland’s Banking Crisis 31 May 2010