Two years, what could you get done?

Ah sure it’s Friday, so I’m thinking, why not?… Gav Reilly just asked a question on Twitter; “Is Bertie Ahern on any Oireachtas Committees?”

Answer: Not according to

In fact, you’d wonder if Bertie Ahern knows where the Dáil is at all these days. Maybe he has just forgotten, like the time he forgot Cavan was part of the nation he led?

Here’s his Dáil record, courtesy of Kildare Street.

Bertie Ahern has spoken in 0 Dáil debates in the last year, well below average among TDs.

Bertie Ahern has asked 0 parliamentary questions in the last year, well below average among TDs.

The three most recent appearances of this member in the Dáil record are:

February 4 2009 – Death of a Member; Expressions of Sympathy (Tony Gregory).

May 7 2008 – Resignation of Taoiseach (Bertie Ahern)

May 7 2008 – Nomination of Taoiseach

So, Bertie Ahern has contributed absolutely nothing of substance in two full years. We pay him €110,000 a year to be a member of parliament. Does being a TD now count as a ‘Bertie-earner’, Suzy?

FOOTNOTE: I quite like this last stat from his Kildare Street record. Across all his speeches Bertie Ahern “has used three-word alliterative phrases (e.g. “she sells seashells”) 2139 times in debates — well above average among TDs”.

3 thoughts on “Two years, what could you get done?”

  1. Alliteration:
    “suicide suits suckers”

    And he will die quietly in his bed at the goodly age of 89,and he will have a state funeral and all the bullshit in the world will be uttered over his grave, by his colleagues; and life will go on; and the poor will still continuue to suffer and die .

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