Department of Justice reference book

All public bodies are obliged to publish Section 15 and Section 16 reference books every three years under the FOI Act. The Department of Justice website says:

The reference books are available for inspection in public libraries, Garda stations, court offices and all offices of the Department.

Great. No sign of the actual reference book though.

So I now give you: the Department of Justice reference book, available exclusively on, after some deep searching on Google. It makes for very very interesting reading. After reading through it, you might see why the document was deliberately not placed on the Department of Justice website. I should say I have used this reference book for at least two FOI requests that I have yet to write about.

2 thoughts on “Department of Justice reference book”

  1. Not sure what you mean cymorg. The document you link to is not the Section 15/16 reference book for the Department. It’s an out of date ref book for a section in the Department.

    My original point was pretty clear, the Department has no *link* on its FOI page to any section 15 or 16 reference book. I shouldnt have to go deep searching for these PDFs.

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