In case you missed it

Oireachtas Report covered it…

Mike Aynsley, Anglo Irish Bank chief executive, explains how the taxpayer will not get €22 billion back.

Just for emphasis, Aynsley speaking:

We get a big thank you from Mr Aynsley and Anglo, for the €22 billion we will never see again:

Alan Dukes (our supposed public interest director) refuses to say whether he interviewed new members of the board.

3 thoughts on “In case you missed it”

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  2. In my opinion, this is THE news story of the week, much more important than the pathetic in-fighting at Fine Gael HQ. In any functioning democracy Alan Dukes should be compelled to answer fully why a FF insider and an ex-AIB man (who’s also a member of TASC’s Golden Circle) are being placed on the board of Anglo. If he fails to answer these questions, then he should be removed from his post. I know it must be irritating when the peasants ask uppity questions about where their money is going, but isn’t he meant to represent the public interest?

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