Markets, austerity, CSO figures

Dan O’Brien has produced an inhuman amount of copy on the CSO figures released yesterday for today’s Times; frontpage, opinion page and business page analysis. To summarise “it looks aiight for now, if we don’t fuck up… but keep that 1866 Pino Grande Blanc in the cellar for two years yet, bruvh”… okay, Dan O’Brien would never say ‘bruvh’, but you know what I mean.

A former colleague of O’Brien’s asks on The Economist if our austerity is a ‘healing pain’.

Constantin Gurdgiev; ‘recovery or triple dip?’. He wants more cuts.

Also in the last 48 hours or so, Paul Krugman wonders if austerity reassures markets, P O’Neill expands on his arguments through the Spanish-Irish prism on A Fistful of Euros and Karl Whelan weaves it into an analysis of bond yield levels. Then to tie it all up, also on AFOE, Charlie Whitaker asks should we be looking to reassure markets?

Back soon.