NAMA status – help?

There have been few (no) takers of my offer to any law people out there to help in my reply to the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information in relation to the status of NAMA as a public authority. This is disappointing, as the decision is critical to greater transparency for what is one of the most signifiant bodies ever established in this country (and to which we currently have no right to information).

I have begun drafting my response to the Commissioner, and would again seek input from any source. I will be adding to this document over the coming weeks.

OCEI reply

One thought on “NAMA status – help?”

  1. Wish I could help… but no legal expertise. Does this para in the DoF Guidelines mean anything?

    National Treasury Management Agency
    The Government delegated the borrowing and debt management functions of the Minister for Finance to the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), by Order, under the National Treasury Management Agency Act, 1990. The NTMA’s functions are performed subject to the control of the Minister for Finance. The responsibility of the Minister to the Dáil or as a member of the Government was not changed by the establishment of the NTMA. Delegated functions vested in the NTMA continue to be vested in the Minister and are capable of being performed by either.
    Other agencies, along with the NTMA, that deal with public finances and that have delegated functions from the Minister for Finance are the National Pensions Reserve Fund Commission (NPRFC), the State Claims Agency (SCA) and the National Development Finance Agency (NDFA). These three agencies are described in more detail in Section A7.


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