MoS investigation into Callely claims

In the past I’ve spoken about the odd – unfortunately, odd – position the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday occupy in the national conversation… please Ireland, don’t sleep this time.

Luke Byrne knocks it out of the park. Cracking journalism.

A two-month investigation into the Fianna Fáil senator’s expenses claims show he was paid the cash on foot of invoices indicating he had bought four mobile phones in five years from a north Dublin firm. But the MoS has established that the company, Business Communications Ltd, went bust over a decade before Callely’s claim.

A former director told the MoS the invoices had not been generated by his company – and that Business Communications Ltd had never sold a mobile phone to Ivor Callely.

While Callely this weekend refused to comment on the damning revelations, they seem certain to spell the final chapter of his ignominious political career.

Can Callely come back from this one? More to the point, does anyone want him to?

2 thoughts on “MoS investigation into Callely claims”

  1. The thing about Ivor coming back is that he was never coming back after losing his Dail seat in 2007. Heney is the coming thing in DNC for FF and once Bertie was gone they weren’t ever going to waste a nomination on him. The problem is that there is no mechanism to force him from office without his agreement. For all that what we could do is ask who would be prepared to nominate him come the next election, as he would require the support of 4 members of the Oireachtas in order to contest a seat on the inside, or an organisation to contest an outside seat. I wonder if one of the papers would do us the service of contacting various organisations to ask them if they would consider nominating him. I will email the Oireachtas members to ask the straight question of whether or not they would be prepared to sign his nomination papers.

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