Gripe site publishes Shell internal emails about Corrib

The usually-reliable blog has published what it says are leaked emails relating to the Corrib gas pipeline.

Shell Corrib Gas Pipeline – flood of leaked internal emails.

Nothing explosive (excuse the pun) as far as I can see, though some readers may be interested in having a goo. There’s a natural gas glossary here for those in need too.

Two things did twig my interest, according to the last few mails Shell didn’t really have any idea who had the “current asset ownership of the wells”. That was in early 2009.

Also, Shell told the government that documents are commercially sensitive when they may not have been, thus ensuring the department would have to inform them were the documents to be released under FOI.

That blog is run by some guys with a serious gripe with Shell, but has been recognised for its work in exposing strange workings inside Shell over the years. It is seen as a forum for Shell whistleblowers. The Financial Times, Reuters, Times of London and Fortune magazine have all recognised it as a bona fide source. It’s former owner, Alfred Donovan has featured in several documentaries about adversarial websites and online activism.

I was away in Niger. I’m back blogging. The Digest shall return on Sundays this week.