"Ain't got no place to lay your head?…

… someone came and took your bed?

Don’t worry, be happy”.

The Economist have a piece on Irish banking out today.

Headline: “Money pit: Ireland’s banking mess – Austerity is not enough to avoid scrutiny by the markets”.

Anyway, we should be looking on the bright side, lads. The ECB will buy the rest of the bonds too.

“A’int got no cash to make you smile? Don’t worry, be happy now.”

One thought on “"Ain't got no place to lay your head?…”

  1. It makes for grim reading but that’ll be the case with any realistic assessment of the state of the Irish economy. At least The Economist have done their research, unlike that woeful piece in Newsweek magazine about Cowen “prescribing harsh medicine”.

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