FAS Ashfield audit report

More from our FAS file. This is the audit report that was carried out in relation to Ashfield Computer Training (ACT). The company received € 30,264.00 via the FAS CDP scheme in 2006, €464,044.00 in 2007 and €443,361.57 in 2008, a total of €937,669.57. We don’t yet have figures for 2009. FAS director general Paul O’Toole has said that money could not be recovered from Ashfield Computer Training, because the company was liquidated earlier this year.

Critically, the report states, among other things:

no explanation was provided by ACT as to why the date created for the NEWSLETTER document in the Word Processing 2 module was 28 August 2007; two months after the course finished.

In the case of the NEWSLETTER document produced in the Word assessment there were 6 candidates whose documents were identical and contained a series of errors that suggest the document was copied. In the Integrated Applications the consistent use of the same incorrect pie-chart also suggested that the assessment material had been manipulated.

There was material missing from both the printed assessment material and from disk. In the view of Internal Audit, ACT were unable to provide a reasonable explanation as to how learner’s had passed these assessments in the absence of such essential material.

…it is the view of internal Audit that efforts were made on the part of the tutor to ensure that learners, who had not achieved a sufficient level in some assessments, were assisted in achieving a pass level after the assessment was completed.

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