John McManus on CIÉ

CIÉ is funky.

The issue was so serious that CIÉ deemed that it merited an investigation in 2009 by external consultants Baker Tilly Ryan and Glennon. However, it did not think it worth keeping the department in the loop about the problem and more seriously, the executive chairman of the company, John Lynch, did not mention the issue in his annual statement on compliance by the company to the department. When tackled on the issue Mr Lynch acknowledged his mistake and explained that “as the issues arising were being dealt with, he felt that there was no need to make specific mention in that regard”.

[…] But the real problem – the failure of the CIÉ board and its executive chairman to disclose what at the very least was an embarrassing problem that did not reflect well on them – to its shareholder is not so easily fixed.

It might be possible to dismiss the issue as a once off, but for the fact that the C&AG’s limited enough study found other serious governance failures.

According to the report CIÉ was a month and a half late submitting its unaudited interim accounts to the department in 2009. It was also late with its draft unaudited annual accounts and over two months late in the submission to Government of its annual report and accounts.

The other issue raised by the C&AG was the failure of Lynch to submit his chairman’s report for 2009 under the 2009 Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies. He submitted it instead under the older 2001 code of practice and when requested to resubmit it under the new code, he did so in July 2010.

I’ve previously blogged on the Baker Tilly Report here in some detail. The only digital copy is available at that link if you wish to have a gander. John Lynch has got the odd mention or two around these parts also.

FOOTNOTE: CIÉ is not under FOI. I don’t know why either, guess various ministers never got around to it. The State is the sole owner. It’s a statutory corporation…