"One day it's fine, the next it's black…"

This was published nearly a week back but it’s still worth a read.

QUALIFIED solicitors and accountants have been applying for some of the 25 positions that have been advertised at the refurbished Supermacs fast food restaurant in Kilkenny.

Supermacs human resources manager, Jacintha Greene told the Kilkenny People that due to the calibre of the people applying, compiling a shortlist had become “a bit of a nightmare.”

She said that she had received applications from people with masters level qualifications in law and finance, even qualified solicitors and accountants.

Props to the sub on the headline.

There was a similar scene filmed for a 1985/86/87 news report, I recall, with a law graduate looking for a job in the [then] new McDonalds on the Navan Road in Cabra. I’ve two gummy bears and a melted Wham bar for anyone who can locate the footage.

With news stories like that and reports like this by Mr Singh The Clash’s questions remain¬†relevant for far too many people my age.

Best leave two hours for Reeling in the Years 2010, Mr Scheduler.