Central Bank Commission appointees

Also worth noting was this:

As provided for in legislation, the terms of office of the first appointees will vary in length in order to ensure that future vacancies on the Commission will be staggered. The appointees and their terms of office are as follows:

Professor John Fitzgerald (5 years)
Mr. Max Watson (5 years)
Mr. Michael Soden (4 years)
Mr. Des Geraghty (4 years)
Professor Blanaid Clarke (3 years)

They will join the ex-officio members: Professor Patrick Honohan (Governor), Mr. Matthew Elderfield (Head of Financial Regulation), Mr. Tony Grimes (Head of Central Banking) and Mr. Kevin Cardiff (Secretary General of the Department of Finance) on the Central Bank Commission.

The Minister said:
“These appointments to the Central Bank Commission will bring a wealth and diversity of talent and experience to the Commission and represents a very significant step in the reform process.

So, the usual suspects then.

4 thoughts on “Central Bank Commission appointees”

  1. Didn’t Michael Soden have a very short tenure as CEO of BOI? What was the reason he left, again? Seems to have slipped my memory…

    1. Err. I suspect you already know but… yeh, he was caught watching questionable material on one of the BOI computers.

  2. Wasn’t he also booking services on his company credit card for a company trip to Las Vegas? Well he’s certainly the man to crack down on excessive and reckless behaviour in the banking sector, anyway. Good luck to them all.

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