Lenihan conference call post-Anglo announcement

Audio recording of the so-called ‘Chimpgate‘ conference call between Brian Lenihan and 300 investors arranged by Citibank is embedded below. The audio quality is awful, anyone who can clean it up get in touch and I’ll send you a copy. I advise use of the best headphones you can get your hands on, the sound gets really bad at points but you can make out most of it…

EDIT: First posted on Zerohedge. Downloaded and sent on to us by a friend of the blog. Seems this is the second 45 minutes of the call following problems with the first half (which supposed included the heckling)…

Zerohedge claims…

And while Ireland is still refusing to acknowledge that anything out of the ordinary happened [regards heckling], and Citi has most certainly deleted any copies of the first part of the conference call, the second part of the call was obtained by Zero Hedge. What is obvious from the call is the extreme sensitivity the operators and organizers have toward any open line, while proffering extreme apologies for the confusion that was prevalent on Part 1 of the call, which apparently lasted for 45 minutes (the entire call ended up being one hour thirty minutes, after it was supposed to be half that duration).

The Q&A starts at 9 minutes, prior to that it’s mainly John Corrigan of the NTMA and Minister Lenihan reeling off their standard lines. 45 minutes in total.

If the audio bar isn’t working try this link.

I’m no expert on this topic but perhaps others may have a interest in a listen.

Business hacks and bloggers say the first half of the call is never likely to emerge.

Now, can we as a society chill on the use of ‘-gate’? Puh-leez.

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