Moriarty Tribunal transcripts

[Moriarty Tribunal transcripts]

We are pleased to see – after months have passed, after an FOI submitted some time ago sought the transcripts, after being told that the transcripts themselves were not owned by the State but by a third party, and after being told that it would cost €16,600 for us to buy the transcripts (after paying over €1 million to get them transcribed), that finally the Moriarty Tribunal has published the transcripts of the tribunal from 1999 to 2009.

Next step for the Tribunal is to publish all relevant non-sensitive documents pertaining to their investigations. These usually appear on overheads at public sittings of the Tribunal. These documents are a matter of public record, and relate to a lengthy and expensive investigation into corruption and alleged wrongdoing. It is only right, and fair, that the public has a right to scrutinise not just the transcripts, but the original documents on which the Tribunal relied to reach the conclusions it has reached, and will reach.

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  1. Next stop, the Morris tribunal? Access to transcripts in an open format such as PDF, not a restricted proprietary format? And the transcripts for the first 428 days, which aren’t even available in closed formats.

    And what is the Smithwicks tribunal (remember them?) doing?

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