HSE expense claims South, Northwest, West, Midlands

By | 1st November 2010

As promised, more of the expenses data released by the HSE:

Contextual documents:

FOI letter
Internal review decision
Expenses context

HSE South: €39,532,886.69, 23,415 rows, 15.18% of the total claimed

HSE South 2007
HSE South 2008
HSE South 2009
HSE South 2010 (to end June)

HSE Northwest: €35,786,735.08, 16,715 rows, 13.74% of the total claimed

HSE Northwest 2007
HSE Northwest 2008
HSE Northwest 2009
HSE Northwest 2010 (to end June)

HSE Midlands: €31,470,046.22, 14,807 rows, 12.08% of the total claimed

HSE Midlands 2007
HSE Midlands 2008
HSE Midlands 2009
HSE Midlands 2010 (to end June)

HSE West: €45,275,421.66, 20,298 rows, 17.38% of the total claimed (the largest)

HSE West 2007

HSE West 2008
HSE West 2009
HSE West 2010 (to end June)
HSE West PH_T&S 2007 to 2010

HSE East (Right click and save as.., or open in new tab)

HSE East 2007
HSE East 2008
HSE East 2009
HSE East 2010 (to end June)
HSE East AP 2007
HSE East AP 2008
HSE East AP 2009
HSE East AP 2010 (to end June)

HSE Southeast
HSE Southeast, all years

HSE Midwest

HSE Midwest all years

HSE Northeast

HSE Northeast Jan – Mar 2007
HSE Northeast Apr – Jun 2007
HSE Northeast Jul – Sep 2007
HSE Northeast Oct – Dec 2007

HSE Northeast Jan – Mar 2008
HSE Northeast Apr – Jun 2008
HSE Northeast Jul – Sep 2008
HSE Northeast Oct – Dec 2008

HSE Northeast 2009

HSE Northeast Jan – Mar 2010
HSE Northeast Apr – Jun 2010

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  1. TheQ47

    The title says “East” but no links for HSE East? Is there a reason for that, or simple error?

  2. Deep Throat

    The HSE South is supposed to include the former South Eastern Health Board, but there doesn’t seem to be any entries from there, only from the former Southern Health Board.

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