Greens to pull out of Govt

Absurd day. National budget or December election on the horizon it appears after John Gormley announced the Greens will be pulling out of Government, but err… not until after voting for the budget; which essentially makes their support for the budget pretty irrelevant.

Gormley says the decision was based on there being a real problem with communications and the answers the Greens had received in recent days. He also said the decision had been made on Saturday after a series of – presumably, internal-party – meetings.

But I was watching Gormley speaking to Sky News yesterday evening and seem to remember him saying he backed Brian Lenihan and his proposal for applying for an IMF bailout despite reservations about communications earlier in the week.

Does anyone have the clip [or a more specific memory of the of it/transcript]?

I can’t find it on the Sky website. He was speaking outside Government Buildings wearing a reflective jacket and was standing beside his bike. I love to hear the quote again to check it against my own recollection. Sky hacks, where you at?

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