Worth watching

The two videos below have started doing the rounds on Facebuke and The Twitter. So if you haven’t seen them…

First up, an RTE report from March 2000 on an ERSI quarterly that was dismissed by Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy. Brian Cowen also features in it; foreign affairs minister at the time, I think?

Secondly, LastTV, a programme on RTE back in 1998. They broadcast the hilarious – and pertinent – piece below on fractional reserve banking. It ends with “this could never happen here would it?” and a few lines on the default of… err… Asia. “Our banks are a lot more civilised though, aren’t they?”

I’m taking credit for finding that one first! Neh neh neh-neh nerrr.

3 thoughts on “Worth watching”

  1. Just found your website yesterday. It is a breath of fresh air amid all the waffle and spin in the mainstream media. Keep it up.

  2. The culprit who brought us to this low place,”Bertie” Ahern, has walked into the golden sunset with his pockets stuffed with cash and pensions for evermore.His buddy Cowan will soon follow.Ditto Hearney and the whole crew of the latter day Titanic, the ” SS Ireland”, including the bankers and developers now fleeing to the wrong kind of “gated communities” in the leafy suburbs of American cities.Those other multitudes outside the golden circle of the Soldiers of Destiny in “stowage” will go down with the ship.

  3. Holy S**t. I don’t see the Irish people being as brave as the Asians were. We’re tied up with every sort of manipulation and fear here. They’ve got us by the short and curlies as it were.

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