Wikileaks and Ireland

I had a brief chat with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange earlier this summer in London, just prior to the Afghanistan war logs being released. He is an interesting character. Not many leaks from the latest release so far have related to Ireland, but here are the three we have found, of over 900 to come:

So what infrastructure in Ireland does the US have an interest in?

Ireland: Hibernia Atlantic undersea cable landing, Dublin Ireland
Genzyme Ireland Ltd. (filling), Waterford, Ireland: Thymoglobulin

Not many things then.

Meanwhile in another cable released last week, it was stated

2. (C) XXXXXXXXXXXX met recently with XXXXXXXXXXXX, who sought UNHCR support in facilitating the movement out of Afghanistan of Brahmdagh Bugti, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s grandson and head of the Baloch Republican Party. XXXXXXXXXXXX reportedly told XXXXXXXXXXXX that the Government of Ireland was willing to receive Brahmdagh Bugti, who “had to get out of Afghanistan and would not be safe returning to Pakistan.” XXXXXXXXXXXX also contended that the USG would be supportive of this transfer. (Note: XXXXXXXXXXXX has met with Embassy poloffs several times to float the idea of moving Bugti, sharing with us that Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister is willing to help Bugti gain asylum there. End Note.)

The other Irish related cable to troops transiting through Shannon.

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  1. Is deputy prime minister what Mary Coughlan is known as overseas? I was hoping they’d just stick with Tánaiste in the hope that we have some hilarious meaning for it.

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