I just signed a contract to work with RTE for the next number of months. For that reason I’ll be on sabbatical from this website for the next while.

I have previously worked with RTÉ (I was ‘Lucy‘, for example) on a day-pay basis but this contract stipulates that I commit to providing RTÉ with first-option on all my output (and that I agree to the other requirements of RTÉ contractors as per any other journalist hired into RTÉ on contract). That means I won’t be working in print for the time being either.

Thanks to all of you who bothered to read what ever t’was I put up around here over the last year-plus. Further thanks to those who though it stimulating enough to comment or email me, especially those of you far smarter than me who put me straight on opinions or questions I raised. And a yet further – massive – thanks to those donated to the FOI fund. There have been times when I’ve been stunned by people’s generosity to this site.

I’ll still be contactable at 087 9431203 and coughlanmp AT gmail DOT com if you wish to get in touch (alternatively, add me on Facebook if that’s your preferred method of maintaining communication). Day or night, do call me if you think you’ve got interesting information or just want to talk over a pint/lunch!

G’wan save that number, who knows when you’ll need to call a journalist… Ah g’wan, g’wan, g’wan, g’wan.

Sure Gav was the brains behind it anyway.

I’ve never been one to pass up the opportunity to use a good-ol’ choon in a blog post. This is no exception. Diana Ross, boys and girls…

Thanks again.

12 thoughts on “Sabbatical”

  1. I’m glad and sorry to read your post Mark… I’m a regular reader here and very grateful for the insights and hard work.
    Can I ask what progam/s will you be working on in RTÉ ?

  2. You have done some great work and your blog has always made for interesting reading.

    Best of luck.

  3. @Cass I’ll be working on various programs. Current affairs/documentary stuff. Thanks for reading, and your comments over the last while.

    @Mort Thanks, and thanks for the emails recently.

    @MarkDennehy Pity you get that feeling.

    @Scottfj I don’t think I’m being silenced. I’ll be working with some of the best journalists in the country on some of the best resourced investigations/stories. I’ll have much more opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty than I have had previously. I think “silenced” is a bit much…

    @Tony Cochrane Thanks for that comment. Appreciate you taking the time to read.

  4. Great blog; pity RTE won’t let you do one. The BBC let their guys blog. Best of luck in the future 🙂

  5. Thanks for the sterling work you have done Mark—am looking forward now to your imprint at RTE

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