Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bailout FOIs – HM Treasury

Last month I sent an FOI request to Her Majesty’s Treasury seeking details of communications between them and the Irish Department of Finance during a precise date range surrounding the financial crisis. As I expected, the request has been refused on several grounds. I plan on appealing, mainly because I believe some of the communications… Read More »

Cowen's meetings and Anglo problems

Right at the end of Leader’s questions last week, and with reference to his meetings in 2008, Mr Cowen said: That would have been organised by Fintan Drury who organised the golf outing. It was about being able to sit down with people at the end of the day and having a chat about the… Read More »

Taoiseach diaries – almost there

Progress is slow, but I am getting there. Taoiseach diaries for 2003 and 2008/2009/2010 are still needed (although portions of 2008 and 2009 are available). I will be seeking the remainder shortly. Please remember that all of these documents were delivererd in hard copy and all pages had to be scanned. Here are the assembled… Read More »

Cowen's golf trip

July 28, 2008: Druid’s Glen Taoiseach Brian Cowen Sean FitzPatrick (Anglo) Fintan Drury (Anglo) Gary McGann (Anglo) Alan Gray (Appointed in 2007 by Cowen as a Director of the Central Bank/Financial Regulator) Hmm. Gary McGann certainly rings a bell. Remember he resigned from the board of Anglo just prior to nationalisation. On January 21, 2002,… Read More »

More Anglo subsidiaries

Some have come up before, and some are new: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited Anglo Irish Bank Limited Anglo Irish Assurance Company Limited Anglo Irish Corporate Bank Limited Anglo Irish International Finance Anglo Irish Asset Management Limited Buyway Group Limited Pagnol Limited Anglo Irish Nominees Limited Anglo Irish Bank (Nominees) Limited Geranth Limited Pegasus Nominees… Read More »

U2, Elevation and Facebook

Perhaps people have forgotten that Elevation Partners (Partners include Bono and The Edge) owns 1.5% of Facebook. Given the recent valuation of Facebook at $50 billion, it means that Elevation’s stake in Facebook is now worth $750m. They invested $210m. As we say in Cork, how bad.