Taoiseach diaries – almost there

Progress is slow, but I am getting there. Taoiseach diaries for 2003 and 2008/2009/2010 are still needed (although portions of 2008 and 2009 are available). I will be seeking the remainder shortly. Please remember that all of these documents were delivererd in hard copy and all pages had to be scanned.

Here are the assembled diaries thus far:









3 thoughts on “Taoiseach diaries – almost there”

  1. By any chance, do you have the pages for April 2008?! What was in the diary relating to the Fitzpatick Golf outing and dinner?! I’m eager to know, but expect, as always, that the information released will be diappointed.

    Although if it has been redacted, that would be very, very newsworthy and raise a whole load of questions about what else was redacted.

  2. Ah – I had the dates mixed up, apparently it was July 28th when they played rounds of golf, had dinner and didn’t discuss the state of Anglo.

    I found that you had the diary for that period in another part of the site – https://www.thestory.ie/2009/12/04/cowens-first-year/ – and the entry on July 28th is….


    “That game took place. I didn’t discuss Anglo Irish Bank with him throughout that period at all,” Mr Cowen said.

    I don’t believe him. I wonder how in the world Fitzpatrick even got the golf appointment with Cowen, what was the reason for the outing? They’re not friends, they didn’t discuss the bank. What then?

  3. Hi there

    in the taoiseachs diaries any idea what the letter A B and C stand for? They appear wherever there is some text blacked out


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