I am mapping out plans for this blog for the coming year, and I wanted to ask readers some questions. Comments welcome!

1) What do you want to see more of?
2) What do you want to see less of?
3) Are there any particular issues or areas should be looked at?

5 thoughts on “2011”

  1. I second that.

    I’d also like to know this considering the original PWC “comercially senstive” report which led to the bank guarantee, NAMA etc.

    On another note I’d like to know which public relations companies the government uses. It recently was allowed hire new “special advisors” despite the puclic sector hiring ban.

    Happy new year.

  2. I would like an examination of the Offices of the Information Commissioner and the budget and workings of the Freedom of Information process. They claim they are underfunded, I believe they are underworked.

  3. Some time on FOI tutorials, crowdsourcing, becoming an advice centre/agency/one stop centre for others who want to put in FOIs. You never know what’s out there that you haven’t thought of.

  4. Gerard may be on to something. Guides on FOI , how to whistle blow etc. would be a great help to others, Gavin’s experiences surely have something to teach others.

    Crowd sourcing can be a blunt instrument but current issues seem to warrant the use of blunt, sharp or barbed instruments, in other words, anything we can lay our hands on.

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