Oireachtas spending – breaking it down. Part 1

One of the first names to stand out for me in the Oireachtas database was this:

45544 Stephen Kearon 300200061626018 – OSS Min SA RSA – FullyVouch(A) IT services Web Hosting €3250 23/04/2009

Of course I recognised the name – after many hearty disagreements on Twitter with @skearon. Stephen is a former adviser to Dick Roche, from Wicklow, and I think it would be fair to describe him as a strong Fianna Fail member. In 2009, €3,250 was charged to the Oireachtas for “IT services Web Hosting” in relation to a Minister. I wonder which Minister that could be? As someone who hosts websites myself, €3,250 seems a bit steep.

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  1. Congrats .. just seen the mention of your achievement on Vinnyb’s show ..
    looking forward to updates

  2. What happens to all the “Mick Quinn Photography” photos? Christmas tree photos and all!!! Is this necessary? There must be some big bottom drawers in the Oireachtas.

  3. I’ve had multiple websites since 2002, on decent servers/packages, some with downloadable content, and they haven’t cost me that in total up to now.. total rip off, possibly the limit to what they were allowed to pay out of a certain set of allowances, or something like that… have noticed that chap on twitter, giving plenty of people grief, I hope people ask him about those charges!

  4. Great work Gavin, well done. It’s a real service to the country that you’re doing this, and thanks.

    Having had a quick look – the first thing that I’m surprised by is a €27,165.20 Gratuity (that’s a tip, right?!) for ‘super staff’ – supervisory staff?

    Does that really mean a supervisor got a €27k tip on Jan 2nd last year?!

  5. Notable too are the large amounts spent by the Dáil Bar on whiskey, which might explain the decision of September 2008 which resulted in the citizens of Ireland being made responsible for paying off the gambling debts of super-rich bankers!

  6. Most expenses systems include the proviso that the expenses must be “reasonable”. I find it difficult to see how €3,250 is reasonable for web hosting.

    No – the truth is I find it impossible. €300 is more realistic (still high, but realistic). Time to define in Euros what is a reasonable maximum in a wide range of typical expenses. They must be obliged to seek best value – the maximum is a control not a target.

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