Moriarty Tribunal report – unlocked

For a reason known only to the gods, the Moriarty Tribunal released two massive and expensive reports, but did so as password protected PDFs.

After paying at least €42m for the reports, I would have hoped they least they could have done was release plain old vanilla PDFs. But they didn’t. You can’t copy and paste from the reports on normal Windows machines.

So here is a copy of both Part 1 and Part 2 of the report that you can copy and paste from. (You can download the PDF by clicking on the document and clicking Original Document (PDF))

One thought on “Moriarty Tribunal report – unlocked”

  1. Well done. It’s a easy way to access all parts of the Report quickly and accurately. One quibble – you must keep track of the page numbers by referring to the number at the top of the actual page rather than rely on the page counter to the side which is out of kilter.
    I’ve only just dipped in but hit gold – see pages 960 to 967 re: the Lowery statements to the Dail, scripted and unscripted.

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