Solicitor disciplinary records 2003 to 2011

The Law Society – the regulator of solicitors in Ireland – says that it publishes the names of solicitors against whom disciplinary action has been taken. Well it does. Sort of.

Go over to their website and what you find in fact is a facility to search a database – not much use when you don’t know what you’re looking for. They say:

the database contains all findings of misconduct made by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal that were published in the Gazette on or after 1st January 2004. Where the finding of misconduct has been sent forward to the High Court to make a decision on sanction, the database includes details of the High Court decision. Orders of the High Court against solicitors which do not involve a finding of misconduct by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal are not included. By law, findings of misconduct are made against individual solicitors, not firms of solicitors. Scroll down to view the search results. To view more details, click on the ‘Show Details’ link.

So to make it easier, I’ve scraped the search data and put it all into one spreadsheet. And I’ve mapped the data. I’ve tried my best to keep the data as close to the original as possible, so please let me know of any duplicates or mistakes etc. I *have* modified addresses for consistency. I have not modified names – despite many appearing very similar (using middle initials but identical addresses).

The data: (download by clicking on File -> Download as)

And here’s a map too:

2 thoughts on “Solicitor disciplinary records 2003 to 2011”

  1. Well done gavin!
    I tried to input a few of the names and addresses from your list to the search facility on their web site but it said “No results found”!
    Looks like the rogue solicitors will remain unknown-unless your list is widely disseminated.

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