One thought on “The Cloyne Report”

  1. Heres a radio show I co produced on “Church and State: How they made society silent”

    Radio Solidarity explores the recent rupture between people and the Irish Catholic Church due to the recent turmoil and revelations which have been exposed.

    We talk to Diarmuid Ferritter on the very singular role that the Church played in moulding and dealing with Social Policy from the start of the State.

    Mary McAuliffe from the organisation Justice For Magdalenes speaks about the extent that the State and the Church were complicit in the brutalisation and enslavement of generations of young women.

    Mark heads out onto the streets with a microphone to find out how people feel about the church in the light of recent scandal and cover-ups. The subsidiary role allotted to women in Irish society thanks to the Church is illustrated and spoken about by Dr. Helen Keyes and Mannix Flynn about how he feels we can best move on as a society

    As anarchists we encourage the free sharing of info . Additional interviews, materials etc can be found at

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