NAMA enforcement properties – mapped

During the week NAMA released this document (thanks NWL) showing the addresses of properties subject to enforcement action. Unfortunately as is often the case with public authorities they released the data in PDF table format, rather than as a spreadsheet. Asking for a KML file probably would have been expecting too much.

With that in mind I converted the PDF back to a spreadsheet, combined the address columns into one column, and then geocoded using the excellent Google Fusion Tables. The result is NOT 100% accurate, I still have to clean up some rows, but generally the information is geographically correct. Here is the result. Click on a red dot to get the associated information.

Of course is anyone has a mind to, this could make an interesting Google Streetview project.


Download spreadsheet

8 thoughts on “NAMA enforcement properties – mapped”

  1. Did you look at the other 800? NAMA didnt give full addresses for many properties – one can only work with the data given.

  2. Nice project, similar done with ghost estates here;
    In both cases geocoded POI or addesses is not very accurate; Ideally I would like to translate both to co-ordinates (ITM or Lat Long) then attach to polygons. That would make the data very usable, but unless I can get OSi polygon dataset it seems unlikely.
    FYI the public service is finally utilising mapping by taking the responsibility away from local authorities and OSi;

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