John Fleming bankruptcy documents

Last week in the Sunday Times Mark Tighe wrote a story about the brankruptcy filing of Cork developer John Fleming of Fleming construction. Mr Fleming moved to England, availing of bankruptcy laws there, leaving behind debts of over €1 billion. He is due to emerge from bankruptcy on November 10 this year, as under the British system, he and his wife can expect to be discharged from bankruptcy within 12 months, compared with up to 12 years under the Irish system.

The Sunday Times were kind enough to share the documents with me, and are partially reproduced below (I have removed Mr Fleming’s phone bill, contract of employment, pay slips, tenancy agreement etc). Please note the documents are in no particular order, so may be a little confusing. I have tried to organise them as logically as possible.

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  1. Well done .it’s people like you that deserves a second chance .no body praised you for all the taxes you have paid over the years .or indeed for all the employment you created while you were in business.

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