DDDA to be shut down and a referendum newsdump

If you ever wonder how cynically our own government – no matter what party – treats us, then you get a clue today. Traditionally we would see bad news being released on a Friday (a Friday night newsdump), so that the bad news would get killed in the weekend news cycle – but this time the tactic is different.

The Comptroller and Auditor General was tasked with writing a special report into the scandal ridden Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA). That report was finished and signed off on February 24, 2012 – or three whole months ago. The report would appear to have been missing down the back of a couch somewhere and by some miraculous coincidence, today of all days, it appears.

So forgive my cynicism when you see that

1) On a day the country goes to the polls in a referendum and;
2) The night before newspapers are set to be wholly dominated by coverage of that referendum

…the report magically appears, and Environment Minister Phil Hogan, whose Department is responsible for the DDDA, (and who has been missing in action during the entirety of the referendum campaign) suddenly appears to comment and confirm that yes, the report is published, and yes the DDDA will be shut down.

Wonderful media management guys.

Here is the report:

7 thoughts on “DDDA to be shut down and a referendum newsdump”

  1. Not one name of any of the gambling Fianna Fail crony oafs, who sat on this board, in the report.?
    Nobody is named.Nobody is blamed.Nobody is shamed.
    Par for the course.

  2. Hogan has nothing to hide in relation to the publication of this Report.It is about 2 months since it was furnished and no doubt it required careful analysis ansd the preparation of a plan for future action–2 months is not unreasonable.I hope the PAC will now call in the directors of the DDDA who were responsible for creating this extremely costly mess for the taxpayer.

  3. He was locked up during the Fiscal Referendum debates…..for fear what he might say or do…..now he has been let out…..such an arrogant , self opinionated person…..

  4. Also worth noting that, on a related issue, NAMA sent out its press release confirming the sale of the Anglo shell to the Central Bank at 3.36pm the same day (May 31). That deal was flagged by Namawinelake weeks and weeks ago. But somehow it had to be finalised as the DDDA report was rolling off the presses. Of course it got swept aside in the DDDA report and the referendum.

    Date: 05/31/2012 03:26 PM
    Subject: NAMA CEO welcomes sale agreement on major office block to Central Bank of Ireland

    NAMA CEO welcomes sale agreement on major office block to Central Bank of Ireland

    Thursday, 31 May 2012 The National Asset Management Agency [NAMA] has welcomed the formal agreement by the Central Bank of Ireland to purchase the property at North Wall Quay for use as a their new Headquarters.

    Speaking today, Brendan McDonagh, CEO of NAMA said that the Agency had prioritised the sale of this particular asset over the past 18 months and had engaged with a number of interested parties during that time; “We’re delighted with the deal that has been concluded with the Central Bank of Ireland and we are very happy with the price secured for the asset. NAMA working with the Receivers had prioritised the sale of this asset for the past 18 months and had engaged with a number of interested parties. We are very happy now to have concluded the process and look forward to the Central Bank completing the building which will greatly enhance the whole landscape of the Dublin Docklands.”

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