Department of Taoiseach contracts in relation to EU presidency

By | 17th December 2012

There are the contracts awarded by the Department of the Taoiseach as a direct result of the planning and administration of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU 2013. Costs include the website, which cost €244,741.71.

Thanks to Vinnie O’Dowd for obtaining the data.

14 thoughts on “Department of Taoiseach contracts in relation to EU presidency

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  3. Matthew Ruddy

    As I’ve mentioned on another site, this is an absolute joke. The site doesn’t even look up to par and the code quality is mediocre. I’m a web developer myself and I can’t imagine how much more than a months work went into this, even with the CMS they’ve most likely provided (and probably re-used from other projects).

    Absolutely disgraceful. Not even some of the best sites around would warrant such extreme costs. They/we’ve been had.

    1. Chrissy

      TerminalFour’s main product is their CMS, so of course it’s been re-used from other projects – it’s what they’re selling (along with support of their products/etc)

  4. margaret

    Would the website contract have gone to tender?

    Who are the directors of the Terminal Four Solutions Ltd?

    1. AmeliaBedelia

      Actually I kind of got that wrong. The ‘Development and Management of a Presidency Website Service for Ireland’s Presidency of the European Union, 2004’ was divided into four lots, website design and development, information publication and translation, hosting (by a government agency) and webcasts for a total of over 2.25 million ( Why so expensive? And why is the 2004 site not available any more?

  5. Justin Fay

    couldn’t agree with Matthew more, the site is full of `spaghetti code` not to mention they are doing crazy stuff like sending their sql queries back tot he browser on many of the ajax calls:

    “select * from dbo.event WHERE ID IN (select DISTINCT eventid FROM dbo.keyevents where (topics like ‘GAC’ OR topics like ” ) and eventlanguage = ‘en’) AND eventlanguage = ‘en’ AND MONTH(startdate) = 1 AND Etype like ‘Presidency’ ORDER by startdate”

    Somebody should be jailed for misuse of public funds over this.

    1. AmeliaBedelia

      I agree also, but even if the site was technically proficient, would it be worth the public monies expended on it?

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