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FAS internal bulletin board to be released

It’s a long time coming. Readers may recall that back in 2010, FAS closed their internal bulletin board after staff had been “posting nasty messages on the internal notice board about Rody Molloy, the deposed director-general”, according to then Senator Shane Ross. In the article, Ross noted: At least one fun-loving outsider tried to break… Read More »

1989 US Dublin Embassy cables

On Saturday and today the Irish Times published a series of stories, by me, Stephen Collins, Miriam Lord, Dan Keenan and Steven Carroll based on cables this blog obtained under US FOIA legislation. Below are the documents on which the story was based – 1989 State Department documents related to Charles Haughey most of which… Read More »

The Great Corrib Gas controversy

Also for posterity, this is a late 2005 report by the Centre for Public Inquiry and the associated report commissioned by it, written by Accufacts, about the Corrib Gas pipeline. Fiosru 2 HI RES Final (PDF) Fiosru 2 HI RES Final (Text) Accufacts Report Hi Res (PDF) Accufacts Report Hi Res (Text)