1989 US Dublin Embassy cables

On Saturday and today the Irish Times published a series of stories, by me, Stephen Collins, Miriam Lord, Dan Keenan and Steven Carroll based on cables this blog obtained under US FOIA legislation. Below are the documents on which the story was based – 1989 State Department documents related to Charles Haughey most of which come from US Embassy Dublin, but some of which come from other embassies.

US dismissive about summit between Haughey and Gorbachev
Cables express surprise at excitement over first Irish-Soviet summit
“Gorbomania” has swept the country
US urged Haughey to take tough line with Nicaraguan president Ortega
Key Irish-American congressman got red-carpet welcome for work on extra visas
Donnelly warned of possible erosion of support for the International Fund for Ireland
‘I hope when you see Gorbachev at Shannon you will urge him to support efforts to bring peace to the region’
‘I very much appreciated our exchange of views’
Serious illness made Haughey look for place in ‘history’
Haughey seen by US as deftly negotiating PD coalition in 1989
Haughey sought ‘preferential treatment’ for Ireland from US on tax
Ambassador’s view of leading Irish figures
Cables provide a remarkable insight into a dramatic year in Irish politics
Access to foreign state papers only real way to look at Ireland’s sealed years of 1984-1998