Irish Water’s 2015 annual report

Irish Water’s 2015 annual report is out. There’s lots of interesting bits in there.

Irish Water’s total liabilities grew from €890m in 2014 to €1.44bn in 2015.

Irish Water borrowed lots:

Net debt grew from €324m to €890m.


The number of people paying bills in the 4th cycle cratered. Here’s a graph:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.59.12

Here’s the breakdown:

Operating costs:

A note towards the end:

4 thoughts on “Irish Water’s 2015 annual report”

  1. Yes, but if looked at in isolation the revenue figures are a bit misleading. According to the same IW figures, the number of customers paying their bills went from 669,000 in Q1 2015 to 975,000 in Q4 2015 (a 46% increase). However amount collected was basically unchanged – €31m in Q1 ; €33m in Q2. Indeed throughout 2015 the increasing numbers paying in each quarter never matched the income received. This means mathematically that the total number of accounts falling into arrears had to be increasing in each quarter. In short, 669,000 accounts were not in arrears in Q1 2015 – but clearly this figure then fell significantly in each and every subsequent quarter. If IW supplied the ‘total number of accounts in arrears’ for each quarter it would tell a very different story to the revenue.

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