Oireachtas’ €28,000 cost for Senate counts including €5,000 in hotel bills, €6,413 on plastic sheeting, and €10,778 on catering

A €5,000 bill at a four-star hotel and a €6,413 spend on plastic sheeting were among the bills paid by the Oireachtas to run Senate counts this year.

The count was held at Dublin Castle with only candidates or their agents allowed to attend the event, which took place in late March and early April.

The Oireachtas had hoped the event would cost just €5,765 if held as normal in Leinster House but ended up paying out €28,809 in costs.

According to a list of bills released under FOI, €4,871 was spent on audio visual services with another €942 on electrical services.

A bill of €6,413 was incurred with Myra Glass to provide 5mm clear plastic sheeting which was used to set up Covid-19 barriers.

A cleaning bill of €357 was also paid while €5,000 was paid to the nearby Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane so count staff did not have to travel home each night.