A log of incidents on Ireland’s busiest road, including hazardous chemical spills, burning cars, and vehicles driving in the wrong direction

Ireland’s busiest road has seen more than 4,100 accidents, incidents, and breakdowns since the start of January last year.

Spills of hazardous material, burning cars, loose animals, and vehicles driving in the wrong direction were among the incidents logged.

There were 21 “major” incidents recorded on the M50 ring road, according to figures released by Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Another 969 high priority incidents were also reported over the course of the past twenty one months.

A log of incidents reveals there were two incidents involving spills of hazardous chemicals and twenty four reports of vehicles on fire. In seven cases, a car or truck was reported to be travelling in the wrong direction on the road, which has for most of its length a 100 km/h limit.