Complaints about TDs and Senators failing to observe Covid-19 public health measures and lack of social distancing in Leinster House and the Convention Centre

The Oireachtas has refused to release dozens of reports about failures to comply with Covid-19 health guidelines in the Leinster House complex and during sittings in the Convention Centre.

The records include a complaint by a political staffer that a named TD or Senator was failing to observe Covid-19 measures.

In another case, a member of staff complained about the impact of “members’ non-compliance on [their] own health” while other reports contain “observations about named members”.

A significant number of reports from relatively junior members of Oireachtas staff have also been withheld where their duties have involved trying to persuade TDs, Senators, and others to remain compliant with public health measures.

The records that were released by the Oireachtas include an email from the Health and Safety Manager of the Convention Centre who raised concerns over breaches of the Covid-19 health measures in the Forum area of the building.

The email, dated 9 September, said: “There were many observations last week in the Forum where social distancing was not being adhered to. This is critical for the safety of all the members and Oireachtas staff and the CCD [Convention Centre] staff also.”