A series of investigation reports from accidents and incidents involving Air Corps aircraft

An Air Corps helicopter took off with one of its doors unlocked after members of the public began to take photos as a critically ill patient was being rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The crew had to ask onlookers to stop taking photographs with an advanced paramedic trying to position himself so that the patient’s head would not be visible.

As the helicopter took off again from the Phoenix Park in Dublin and while flying back to base at Baldonnel, the unlocked door fell off mid-air – luckily only hitting the roof of an unoccupied building.

Other investigation reports detail:

  • an aircraft that blew out a tyre on landing at Knock Airport.
  • an incident where a crew member reported hypoxia with his fingernails turning blue and difficulty breathing.
  • a plane that lined up to land on the wrong runway.
  • and a “conflict” between a garda helicopter and an aircraft coming in to land at Baldonnel.