Bill for NAMA commission of investigation stands at €4.76 million including €1.26 million in legal fees from the past two years

A replacement water boiler and dishwasher costing €1,211, legal fees of €1.26 million, and €8,000 for new laptops and computer accessories were among the bills run up by the long-running NAMA inquiry.

A database of costs details more than €1.48 million in costs over the past two years with the latest overall bill for the commission of inquiry standing at €4.76 million as of last November.

A line-by-line breakdown of the inquiry’s most recent expenditure shows nine different solicitors and barristers shared €1.26 million in fees for the provision of legal services.

Susan Gilvarry – who was appointed the new sole member of the commission of investigation last summer – was paid €377,000 for the “provision of solicitor services” between September 2020 and October 2022.

One barrister was paid €220,000 for their work with the inquiry during the same period while another counsel earned €190,000 for providing legal services.

Six other legal advisers earned between €16,885 and €165,556 over the two-year period, according to a database of costs released by the Department of the Taoiseach.

The commission of inquiry also said there had been salary costs of just over €490,000 in the period from September 2020 until the autumn of last year.