Garda injuries while on duty caused loss of more than 75,000 days last year

Gardaí missed more than 75,000 days of duty last year after they were injured in the line of duty, according to new figures.

There were 20,807 days of absence for officers from a malicious injury that happened on duty, with a further twenty days where a garda was viciously attacked off duty.

Just over 40,000 days were lost to an accidental injury that happened during work while 6,822 days were taken following a road traffic accident while working.

Figures released under FOI show that more than 235,000 days were lost to illness last year, the equivalent of 645 officers off sick on any given day.

Garda manpower during 2022 was around 14,000, which meant each member took an average of roughly seventeen days off ill last year.