Retired civil servants and semi-state employees earn five figure sums for sitting on interview boards with one paid nearly €53,000 in fees last year

Dozens of retired public service employees earned five-figure sums last year for sitting on interview boards and assessments including one former semi-state worker who received almost €53,000 in fees.

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) said they had paid €2.25 million to board members in 2022 to carry out more than 14,000 interviews or assessments, leading to the assignment of 9,601 staff to new roles.

A breakdown of those fees showed that €1.365 million had been paid to retired civil or public sector board members.

A further €153,000 was paid to ex-staff of semi-state bodies, while €603,000 was paid to individuals who worked in the private sector.

The PAS said the top fifty earners had been paid between €14,000 and €53,000 last year with nine people earning at least €30,000.