HSE misses emergency department targets rating its efforts to improve treatment in A&Es at just one out of five

The HSE was far off targets it had set for emergency departments covering the length of time patients spent in A&E, the numbers on trolleys, delays in treating over-75s, and slow handover of patients from ambulances.

In a board strategic scorecard, unscheduled care was given a rating of just one out of five with “significant concerns” targets were again not going to be met this year.

According to the figures, which were shared with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly in April, a daily target of 236 patients on trolleys in A&Es had been set for 2023 but the actual figure was 352 in January and 326 in February.

Another target of having 97% of patients gone from the emergency department within twenty four hours was also missed, the records showed.

Instead, in January 5.3% of patients were at least a day in A&E while in February, that number had fallen only slightly to 5% of patients.

The HSE had also aimed to have 99% of patients over the age of 75 discharged or admitted within nine hours of having turned up at hospital.

However, the actual figure for January was 50.9% and again in February, there was only a small improvement with the figure rising to 52%.

A further target for over-75s of discharge or admission within 24 hours of registration was also set at 99%.

However, it too was missed with an average of 12% of this vulnerable age group at least a full day in the emergency department in the first two months of the year, many of them on trolleys.

Another performance indictor that was significantly off target was the aim of twenty minutes as the time it took for a “physical and clinical handover” of a patient who had arrived at an ED in an ambulance.

The target set for this was 80%; however, the actual figure for January was just 7.5%.