Donald Trump’s Doonbeg hotel given all-clear by county council over unauthorised fencing on protected Co Clare beach

Donald Trump’s legal woes have been mounting but he has one less worry over the erection of fencing near his luxury Co Clare hotel and golf resort.

Clare County Council has confirmed to the Trump International Golf Links Hotel that it has closed its investigation into controversial works at an adjoining beach and that they did not intend pursuing the case any further for now.

The news followed an inspection of the site in March of this year during which an executive planner confirmed that the removal of fencing had adequately addressed most of the issues at Doughmore Strand.

It said the fencing that remained was “limited in nature” but that there was still some fence along the beachfront as well as round hay bales.

The inspection report said a letter should issue to the Trump hotel saying: “Clare County Council considers that the entirety of these works … are unauthorised. You are therefore requested to outline your proposals to resolve this remaining planning issue.”

However, in response the hotel and golf links said they did not agree that either the bales or the last of the fencing constituted unauthorised development.

The hotel’s general manager Joe Russell wrote: “I would also note that the bales, placed seasonally to protect the golf course for very many years, have now been removed as is normal at this time of year.”

In May, the council informed the hotel that they had no plans to take any further action arising from the controversial fencing.

A letter said: “Please be advised that in light of the substantial compliance with the enforcement issues on the site, the planning authority does not intend to progress with any further enforcement proceedings at this time.”