EPA predicted tweet about reducing red meat in diet was likely to “get the ire [up] of some people” before its controversial deletion

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew a tweet about cutting down meat consumption was likely to cause consternation but said there were always “people that get annoyed”.

The EPA deleted the controversial post within a day of being contacted by farming groups who asked them if they stood over the message about reducing red meat in the diet.

In the run-up to posting on social media, an internal email said: “It should be fair game, but I wanted to flag it. It’s not controversial but as a topic it does get the ire [up] of some people who are very online.

“That said, EPA should probably be saying more about the environmental impact of Ireland not transitioning to a more plant-based diet.”

In response, another official said that it looked “fine” and that at the very least they could say that “we are starting a conversation”.