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Submission to Oireachtas Committee re FOI Amendment

Fred Logue and myself have put together a submission, sent today, to the Oireachtas Committee on Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform on behalf of thestory.ie (and, I believe, our readers!). Access to information is important y’know. FOISubmission (2) (PDF) FOISubmission (2) (Text)

That ECB bailout letter – an update

Back in August economist Karl Whelan pointed to an odd discrepancy in the dates referred to in my requests for information from the ECB in relation to Ireland’s baillout. Notwithstanding the ECB making a series of errors in their releases to me, and notwithstanding the ECB releasing several documents that the Irish Department of Finance… Read More »

What now?

Via the Central Bank comes the following statistics. I’ve taken the stats and put them in a graph, which I think helps us understand the extent of the mortgage arrears problem. The euro amount of arrears of 180 days or more has increased by 375% since September 2009, or from €306,730,000 to €1,461,816,000 in just… Read More »

HSE Northeast assets register 2007 to 2010

Part of an ongoing process. These are the assets registries for the HSE Northeast region for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2010 HSE northeast put the acquisition value of its assets at €401,308,371.55. HSE Northeast Assets 2007 HSE Northeast Assets 2008 HSE Northeast Assets 2009 HSE Northeast Assets 2010