Minister Martin Cullen goes to New York

Ken Foxe has supplied us with hard copies of Martin Cullen’s expenses, we’ll be scanning them and putting them online over the next few days.

They’re jpegs at present, I will convert them to PDFs at the earliest opportunity so they can be searched via Google.

First up: New York, June 2009. Fitzpatricks Hotels, limousines and €2500 on flights.

Cullen New York 1
Cullen New York 2
Cullen New York 3
Cullen New York 4
Cullen New York 5
Cullen New York 6
Cullen New York 7
Cullen New York 8
Cullen New York 9
Cullen New York 10
Cullen New York 11

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The second donations spreadsheet will be published later this week.

Aside: Wouldn’t it be far better if the Government did this themselves on an annual basis? Sure would save us some hassle…

Ken Foxe is Public Affairs Correspondent with The Sunday Tribune. His first book, REVENGE, is on sale soon.

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