Donations to political parties 1997 – 2008

Part two of a series. Myself and Mark, again with the invaluable efforts and assistance of Elena, have tabulated all donations to political parties into a spreadsheet. You can view all donations in all years in you sheet, or view by year, or by party. There are multiple spreadsheets in the document.

The document is viewable only (making it publicly editable leads to vandalism it seems), but you can download and play with it if you wish. If you want to add any data to the spreadsheet, please leave a comment on this post, or request access to be editor of the document in a comment.

Under category “Description of Donor” we have amended data from SIPO with better descriptions of who gave the money. Many were blank, or were under much broader titles.

Donations to political parties 1997 – 2008 (.xls Google spreadsheet)

Donations to TDs 1997 – 2008 (.xls Google Spreadsheet)